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Screenshot of WyeSoft Peg Solitaire v1.00 - English board Screenshot of WyeSoft Peg Solitaire v1.00 - French/European board

WyeSoft Peg Solitaire is a lightweight, portable version of the traditional board game, peg solitaire. Players are able to choose from 11 different solitaire boards, including the standard English and French/European boards. There is also a board editor feature which allows players to create and save their own boards.

WyeSoft Peg Solitaire is portable and does not require installation. Place the folder anywhere you want it and run PegSol.exe.

Downloadable Android version

Browser-based version



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WyeSoft Peg Solitaire was created using wxLua, which we highly recommend to developers. However, projects created in wxLua have a tendency to be flagged as harmful by virus scanners, as they contain a copy of the Lua interpreter, which has the potential to do a lot more than it is actually being used for. We encourage users to check any unknown files, including ours, at If you are able to confirm the SHA-256 hash of the download, you can click the hash below to see the scan results.

WyeSoft Peg Solitaire
v1.01 (portable)
7 September 2017 WyeSoft 1
WyeSoft 2
2.07 MB MD5: BE17E4B1B616F9E8552F2AD05A8246D5
SHA-256: 092B893CF135040FFDA192BA9ED7




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